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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.3.1 - Release Notes


The SQL Scanner only scans Jobs that are "marked." The Jobs are automatically marked when they are added by the Add Jobs wizard.

To mark a Job

Clicking the Job row. The image\I_RedCheckmark.gif red checkmark will be prefixed to the File / Database Object column. Multiple Jobs can be marked at a time. If there are no marked Jobs, the Scan button is dim and scanning cannot begin.

To unmark a Job

Click the marked row.

To scan the marked Jobs

Click image\B_Scan.gif.

During and after scanning, information is updated on the Job Manager window and the image\I_RedCheckmark.gif sign is replaced with image\I_Scan.gif sign. The time required to scan a Job depends on the system's processor speed, the file size and the number of valid and invalid SQL statements. See Scanned SQL Statement Classification for more information about invalid statements.

To abort the scanning process

Click image\B_AbortScan.gif.



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