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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.3.1 - Installation Guide

SQL Page

ClosedView the SQL tab

The SQL tab in the SQL Optimizer window consists of three panes: SQL Text, SQL Information and Run Time.

On this tab, perform any of the following:

SQL Text Pane

Use the SQL Text pane to view the original SQL statement syntax or the SQL associated with a specific SQL alternative. For an index-set alternative, view the index DDL. You can also use this pane to enter or edit the text of the original SQL statement or to enter the text of an SQL alternative you are manually creating.

SQL Information Pane

Use the SQL Information pane to toggle between the access plan or the DB2 optimized text for the original SQL or an alternative. You can also view information about the original SQL.

Run Time Pane

The Run Time pane displays the SQL or index-set alternatives automatically generated or created manually on the original SQL. Use the SQL Navigation buttons to move between alternatives. When you perform a Batch Run, this list shows the run time statistics for retrieving all records and for retrieving the first n records for the original SQL and each alternative.

Display or Hide Panes

Use the pane-control buttons to reorganize the panes:

To display the SQL Text, SQL Information, and Run Time panes

Click .

To display only the SQL Text pane

Click .

To display the SQL Text and SQL Information panes

Click .

To display the SQL Text and Run Time panes

Click .


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