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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.3.1 - Installation Guide

Plan Detail

The Plan Detail window provides detailed information on the selected node of the access plan and the relating object details.

To display the Plan Detail

  1. Click a node of the access plan.

  2. Click image\B_ShowPlanDetail.gif located on the right edge of the Access Plan pane.

Object Details

The Object Details tab displays statistics about the selected access plan step. You will see the specific values from the selected step in the DETAILS column. Or, if the selected access plan step is performing an action using the table or index, statistics for the table or index are displayed in two columns: EXPLAINED and CURRENT. The EXPLAINED column displays the statistics retrieved at the time the access plan was retrieved. The CURRENT column displays the current statistics that are retrieved when the Plan Detail window was opened.

Optimization Parameters

The Optimization Parameters tab displays the DB2 database parameters values that were set in DB2 LUW at the time the access plan was retrieved.

Table/View Detail

To see the table or view details, click the table or view name in the left pane of the Plan Detail window. Then click one of the four tabs at the bottom of the right pane to see specific information about the definition, columns, indexes, or data for the table or view. If you have the appropriate privileges, you can modify the data under the Data tab.


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