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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.3.1 - Installation Guide

Access Plan

ClosedView the Access Plan pane

The access plan is a combination of steps the DB2 LUW database optimizer chooses to execute a SQL statement. Each node represents how the database optimizer will physically retrieve rows of data from the database or how the data is prepared. By examining the access plan, you can see exactly how the database executes your SQL statement.

Right-click Menu

The Access Plan pane contains a right-click menu that allows you to perform the following functions:




Sends the access plan in its current view to the printer, to display on the screen (print preview), or to a file.


Copies the access plan to the clipboard.

View Plan

Changes how the access plan is displayed.

Animated Plan Steps

Highlights one-by-one the access plan steps.

Plan Options

Opens the Access Plan Options window so you can select the specific detailed information that is displayed in the access plan. You can also choose to display specific information in individual columns.

Get Help on plan_step

Displays the help text for the currently selected step in the access plan.

Help on Access Plan

Opens online help for the access plan.


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