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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Viewers: LOB, XML, Array

View the contents of a large object (LOB, XML, Array) that is a cell in a table or result of a SQL query. Click on the cell containing the large object.


LOB Editor

You can work with the following Oracle8i LOB datatypes.




BLOB (binary) Y N
CLOB (character) Y Y
BFILE (external) Y N
NCLOB (multibyte character) Y N

You can use toolbar buttons to perform actions on LOBs. The actions available depend on the LOB and include:

  • Copy to clipboard
  • Save to disk file
  • Save, then view in external application
  • View in preview window
  • Mask or show ASCII values between 128 and 255
  • View BFILE as image or HEX

Note: SQL Navigator does not support working with LOB or Object table columns when using an Oracle 7 client connected to Oracle 8 database. For full functionality, use an Oracle 8 client to connect to an Oracle 8 database.


ARRAY Editor

  • Click on +/- to add/remove items in the array.
  • Select any item and click the arrow buttons to reorder the list.


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