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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Team Coding Menu

Extensive and flexible Team Coding controls, including integration with third-party version control systems.

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Use the Team Coding Administration page to install, set up, and manage the Team Coding environment.

Open Administer Team Coding.


Set local Team Coding options.

Open Configure Team Coding.

Team Coding Status

View the status of the Team Coding configuration and features. See Team Coding Status.


Team Coding Manager

Use the Team Coding Manager to manage and work with the objects that are controlled by Team Coding. The Team Coding Manager displays Team Coding status and controlled objects for the current active connection.

Open Team Coding Manager.

  Team Coding Summary info View the summary of all controlled objects for the current active connection.

Provider Logon

Logon to the Version Control Product.

Requires that a version control product is in use. See Provider logon.

  Add file Add a file to VCS.
Check out

Use to check out and check in an object or script. See Check in and Check out.

To indicate the object or script to check in or check out:

Not applicable when Automatic Check-Out and Automatic Check-In are enabled. For more information, see Team Projects.

Check in
Undo Check Out

Cancel the check-out. You are prompted to confirm that you want to discard any changes you have made and restore the database version of the item as it was prior to checkout.

Confirm Yes You have made and saved changes to the object and you want to discard those changes.
Confirm No You have made and saved changes to the object and you want those changes to be retained in the database. As a result the version saved in the third party version control system will be different from the version saved in the database.
Check in All Check in all changes
  Compare Contents Select a database object (in DB Navigator for example) and compare it with the latest revision.
Get Latest Revision

Get the latest version of an object or script as it is held in the Version Control System.

The Get Latest Revision command overwrites the version of the object or script in the database, replacing it with the latest version held in the Version Control System.


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