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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Team Coding and Version Control Support

Team Coding controls database objects and source files, such as procedures and functions. Team Coding enables you to organize code work among different projects and control access to the code objects by locking them in the database. You can use Team Coding alone or in conjunction with a version control system (VCS).

Use Team Coding with a VCS

Used with a VCS, Team Coding provides full source control with locking and full revision history. Team Coding interfaces directly with the VCS to provide this control. Team Coding keeps track of changes to objects and prevents modifications to the code in the database unless a SQL Navigator user checks the source out of the VCS through Team Coding. Team Coding with a VCS works as follows:

  • When the SQL Navigator user issues a check-out command, SQL Navigator checks a revision out of the VCS and saves the code to the local SQL Navigator environment.
  • When the SQL Navigator user saves the code, SQL Navigator writes it to the database.
  • When the SQL Navigator user issues a check-in command, SQL Navigator checks the revision into the VCS.

The Team Coding Administrator creates one or more Team Projects and associates them with projects in the VCS. For more information, see Setup Team Projects.

Use Team Coding without a VCS

Used without a VCS, Team Coding works as follows:

  • Administrators must protect production schemas by creating one or more Team Projects, which are the only way that developers can check objects in and out of the database and work on them. This allows the developers to work on the objects in their local environments without affecting the original objects.
  • When a developer checks out an object through a Team Coding Project, SQL Navigator locks the object in the database. This prevents the developer from unintentionally overwriting changes made to that object by other developers. The developer checks the finished code into the database through the Team Project, which unlocks the object again. For more information, see Check in and Check out.
  • Team Coding without a VCS does not provide revision history as a VCS would. The source code is maintained in the database, with no other versions available (other than through your own normal backup methods). SQL Navigator does provide one "undo" option, which is to undo the check-in. For more information, see Team Coding Manager.

Work with non-controlled objects

When Team Coding is installed with a VCS, you also have full edit access to objects in the VCS that are not controlled in Team Coding. This access is controlled from the Team Coding Manager. You can check those objects into and out of the VCS to work on them in the Code Editor. The Team Coding Manager shows you which objects are under the control of Team Coding (and therefore must be accessed through a Team Project) and which can be accessed directly from the VCS.


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