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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Synonym Editor

Use the Synonym Editor to view or create synonyms.

About synonym Objects

A synonym is an alternate name for a table or view. A synonym can be private (for use only by its creator) or public (for use by any user). Primarily, synonyms enable multiple users to reference an object without adding the schema as a prefix to the object. They can also allow different applications to reference the same object using different names.

You can make synonyms for the following database objects:

  • tables
  • views
  • other synonyms
  • functions
  • packages
  • procedures
  • sequences
  • database links

The characteristics and usage of this database object are described in Oracle documentation.


Ways to Open The Synonym Editor

Icon Action Description

From the Main Menu

View Menu | Visual Object Editors | Synonym Editor

Open the Synonym Editor.

From DB Navigator or Find objects Dialog

Right click on a Synonym object and click Open.

Open the selected object in the Synonym Editor.

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