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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

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Drag and drop optimized routines directly into your program editor.

Knowledge Xpert is a library of more than 900 pre-built PL/SQL routines, written by some of the world's leading PL/SQL experts, that can be integrated into the standard PL/SQL environment. The complete PL/SQL Code Library can eliminate hours of low-level coding and debugging while enhancing application performance and reliability.


Knowledge Xpert

SQL Navigator users can now access 5,400 technical topics, error messages, pre-built and tested code solutions, and code formatting technology. Using the Code Assistant, you can drag and drop these optimized routines directly into your program editor.

For example:

  • Knowledge Xpert for Oracle Administration A complete and essential resource for Oracle DBAs.
  • Knowledge Xpert for PL/SQL Comprehensive PL/SQL knowledge combined with an extensive PL/SQL code library.

TIP: Knowledge Xpert add-on modules are available directly from your Quest Software representative.


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