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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Nested Table Editor

Use the nested table editor when you require a large, efficient collection.

About Nested Tables

A nested table type is an unordered set of elements. The elements may be built-in datatypes or user-defined types. You can view a nested table as a single-column table or, if the nested table is an object type, as a multicolumn table, with a column representing each attribute of the object type.

A nested table definition does not allocate space. It defines a datatype, which can then be used to declare:

  • columns of a relational table
  • object type attributes
  • PL/SQL variables, parameters, and function return values.

When a nested table appears as the type of a column in a relational table or as an attribute of the underlying object type of an object table, Oracle stores all of the nested table data in a single table, which it associates with the enclosing relational or object table.

The characteristics and usage of this database object are described in Oracle documentation.


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