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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Model Code Dialog

Select the code to map and the options to use when the code is mapped.

Field Description


The schema where the code is located.

Code Type

Select from: function, package, procedure and trigger.

Code Unit

The options depend on the Code Type selected.

Sub Unit

The various parts of the package, sorted alphabetically. The first sub unit is selected by default.

Note: Visible for Code Type | Package.

Levels to Model

The number of levels to model down from the starting object. The default is ten.

Display Mode

Option Description

Code Only

Model the code the object calls.

Display a graphical representation of the run-time, call-stack dependencies.

Code + Data

Model both the code called and data (tables, views, and so on) referenced by the object.

Display the database objects the code references and in what manner (for example, read versus write). You can also include pertinent triggers and views. Views are essentially treated as tables.

Display Options

Select as appropriate. These options affect the visual display of the map. The data in the map is not affected.

  • Expand packages and types for calls into them
  • Include triggers (for Code + Data)
  • Include views (for Code + Data)
  • Include calls to SYS-owned objects
  • Include calls to other schema PL/SQL


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