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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Materialized View Editor

Use the Materialized (Snapshot) View Editor to view, create or define snapshots.

About Snapshots A snapshot is a segment that contains the result of a query. The snapshot typically contains local copies of remote objects. From Oracle 8i onwards a materialized view is equivalent to a snapshot but allows queries to be dynamically and transparently rewritten to use the materialized view.


Using The Editor

Editor Toolbar

Icon Tool Tip Description

Create new Materialized view

Open the New Materialized View dialog.

Field Description
Schema Select the parent schema for the new Materialized view.
Name Name the new Materialized view.

Open object from DB

Open the Select Materialized View dialog.

Select the materialized view from the database.

Clone current Materialized view Create a clone of the selected materialized view. You will be prompted in the New Materialized View dialog to enter new name.
Revert to pervious Materialized view Undo or revert any modifications made to the view.
Generate SQL for changes Generate SQL code for the changes made.
Apply changes to DB Apply changes to the database.

Editor Tabs

Tab Description


  1. Select the Updateable and Query Rewrite options to include them in the query’s DLL.
  2. Set the Parallel options and turn Logging and Cache on or off.


  1. Set the frequency of the refresh.
  2. Set the rollback segments to be included.
  3. Set when to populate the materialized view.


  1. Set the Physical Attributes for the materialized view log.
  2. Set the Storage Clause options for the materialized view log.

Master Info

Display the owner, table and links for the materialized view (after the materialized view has been saved).


Ways to Open The Materialized View Editor

Icon Action Description

From the Main Menu

View Menu | Visual Object Editors | Materialized View Editor

Open the Materialized View Editor.

From DB Navigator or Find objects Dialog

Right click on a Materialized View object and click Open.

Open the selected Materialized View object in the Materialized View Editor.

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