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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Main Menu Keyboard Shortcuts

Generally available keyboard shortcuts are: Close Current Window = CTRL+F4 | Refresh = F5.

Icon Main Menu Keyboard Shortcut
File | Open File CTRL+O
File | Print CTRL+P
Edit | Undo ALT+Backspace
Edit | Redo SHIFT+ALT+Backspace
Edit | Indent CTRL+I
Edit | Unindent CTRL+U
Edit | Comment ALT+F7
Edit | Uncomment CTRL+ALT+F7
Edit | Upper Case CTRL+ALT+U
Edit | Lower Case CTRL+ALT+L
Edit | Insert | Debug Variable F2
Edit | Go to Line CTRL+G
Edit | Jump to Matching Bracket CTRL+J
Edit | Toggle Bookmark | Bookmark SHIFT+CTRL+n
Edit | Go to Bookmark | Bookmark CTRL+n
Edit | List Bookmarks ALT+B
Edit | Open Object at Cursor CTRL+Enter
Edit | Describe Object at Cursor CTRL+F3
Search | Find CTRL+F
Search | Replace CTRL+H
Search | Find Next F3
Search | Find Previous SHIFT+F3
Search | Find Objects CTRL+ALT+O
Search | Find Recycle Bin Objects CTRL+ALT+B
View | Project Manager Window CTRL+W
View | Code Editor CTRL+M
View | DB Navigator F12
Session | Stop Scroll Lock
Object | Create DB Object Alt+Insert
Object | Open DB Object CTRL+ALT+D
Object | Open CTRL+F2
Object | Describe CTRL+F3
Object | Drop ALT+Delete
Object | Drop with Purge SHIFT+Delete
Object | Extract DDL CTRL+D
Object | Compile | Compile/Rebuild CTRL+F9

Object | SQL Modeler

Open the selected object in SQL Modeler.


Object | Quick Browse F3
Object | Edit Data CTRL+E
Object | Grant ALT+G
Object | Locate in Tree CTRL+L
Tools | View Difference CTRL+ALT+V
Tools | Formatter Tools | Format Code CTRL+R
Tools | Search Knowledge Expert CTRL+K
Window | More Windows ALT+0
Help | Contents CTRL+F1
Help | Context Help F1

TIP: Many additional shortcuts are available for the various modules of SQL Navigator. For example, see the Code Editor Keyboard Shortcuts.

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