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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Instance Property Editor

Use the Instance Property Editor to view or specify the startup parameters for the instance.

About Instance Properties

The characteristics of the Oracle database instance are specified during startup. These parameters are stored in a file called init.ora. This file may, in turn, call a corresponding config.ora file.

The Instance Property Editor is based on what the Oracle v$parameter data dictionary view reports. Some attributes are Session Modifiable, which means that they are applied immediately to the current session, but are not permanent. Others are System Modifiable and further may be Immediate or Deferred (requiring a server shutdown/restart). Some are not modifiable at all.

These parameters and the rules governing their usage are described in Oracle reference sources.


Using The Editor

Instance Property

Select the Instance Property you want to view. Not all properties can be modified.

Icon Description
The Property can be modified.
The Property cannot be modified.

Editor Toolbar

Icon Tool Tip Description
Create new Instance property N/A to the Instance Property Editor. Oracle does not allow this action.
Open object from DB Open the property from the current database
Clone current Instance property N/A to the Instance Property Editor. Oracle does not allow this action.
Revert to pervious Instance property Undo changes made to the property.
Generate SQL for changes Generate SQL code for the changes made
Apply changes to DB Apply the changes to the database

Details Tab

Attribute Description
Description Brief description of the parameter
Is Default Whether this parameter has been specified by the user as an initialization parameter
System Modifiable Whether this parameter can be modified at an instance-wide level dynamically after the instance has started
Session Modifiable Whether this parameter can be modified at the session level
Is Modified Whether this parameter has been modified after instance startup, and if so, whether it was modified at the session level or at the instance (system) level
Is Adjusted Whether Oracle has adjusted a value specified by the user
Type The Oracle datatype
Value Current value for this session (if modified within the session); otherwise, the instance-wide value
Alter For Whether the new value is to be current for this session or instance-wide


Ways to Open The Instance Property Editor

Icon Action Description

From the Main Menu

View Menu | Visual Object Editors | Instance Property Editor

Open the Instance Property Editor.

From DB Navigator

Right click on a Property object and click Open.

Open the selected object in the Instance Property Editor.

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