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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Index Editor

Use the Index Editor to view, create or alter indexes, and to set storage allocation.

About Index Objects

An index is a sorted map of selected columns in a table or object. Therefore an index is similar to a table, and the columns in an index refer to the rows and columns of the associated table. By indexing columns frequently used in queries, you can improve data retrieval performance.

An index can be either unique or non-unique.

  • A unique index validates every new or changed row in a table for a unique value in the column(s) in the index.
  • A non-unique index allows duplicate values in rows.

A non-unique index often enables faster queries.

Oracle8 supports a type of index called a bitmap index. A bitmap index uses a compressed bit-stream storage technique that allows very fast retrieval.

The characteristics and usage of this database object are described in Oracle documentation.


Ways to Open The Index Editor

Icon Action Description

From the Main Menu

View Menu | Visual Object Editors | Index Editor

Open the Index Editor.

From DB Navigator or Find objects Dialog

Right click on an Index object and click Open.

Open the selected Index object in the Index Editor.

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