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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

General | User Interface


Set SQL Navigator preferences.

User Interface

Option Description


Select the look and feel of SQL Navigator windows from the following styles:

  • Standard
  • Flat
  • XP
  • Native (the default style)
  • Office 2003
Tutorial Messages Select to display tutorial messages automatically for windows. First-time users may find these messages especially helpful.
Hints Select to show Tool Tips. Tool Tips are labels that pop up when you point to a button or other control.
Font Select the font to use in SQL Navigator windows.
Date Displayed Format Select the preferred layout for showing dates.
Time Displayed Format Select the preferred layout for showing the time.
Display time in DATE fields Should DATE fields include the time?

Bold Folders in DB Navigator Tree

Select to show folders as bold in the DB Navigator tree. Showing the folders as bold may help clarify the structure of a complex tree.

Used by: DB Navigator.

Default Directory

The default directory SQL Navigator points to for Open and Save operations.

Used by: File Menu, Toolbars, Code Editor, HTML Viewer.

Background Color The color of the background area.

Data Grid

Related to: Code Editor | SQL Query Results Data Grid, Edit Data, Quick Browse

Option Description
Show Row # Select to show row numbers in the data grid.

Display Long columns

Select the display for LONG columns.

On demand (in pop-up editor)

Data in a LONG column is displayed in a separate pop-up editor.

For each cell:

The word "MEMO" in upper case

Indicates the cell has data. Double-click the word to display the data in a pop-up editor.

The word "memo" in lower case Indicates there is no data to display.

Full text (within cells)

Columns are effectively treated like normal string (VARCHAR2) columns, that is, data is displayed within the corresponding cells as a single string.

Trim column width while pasting

When an object is copied from the Code Editor or one of the Visual Object Editors and pasted to another tool, for example Note Pad...

Selected The length of each pasted column is trimmed to approximately the length of the longest character string in the column.
Not Selected The pasted data reflects the actual length of the column as defined in the object.

Display NULL values as (Null)

Selected Show Null values as "(Null)" in the data grid.
Not Selected Show Null values as empty cells in the data grid.
Data Grid Font The font used in the data grid result set.
Show Row Background Color Set up an alternate row color in the data grid.

Pin at Start

Option Tool Description
Analyze Analyze Tool
Selected The window is pinned. Open multiple instances of the tool at the same time.
Not Selected The window is not pinned. If you reopen the tool, the newly opened instance of the tool will replace the current instance.

Note: Once a window of the selected type is open, you can pin or unpin it at any time.

Describe Describe
Explain Plan Explain Plan Tool
Object Editors Visual Object Editors

Automatically Show Output Window

Related To: Output Window.

Option Description
Errors Show the Output window automatically when errors are sent to it.
Server Output Show the Output window automatically when server output is sent to it.
Information Show the Output window automatically when informational text is sent to it.


Option Description
Show Splash screen Select to show the Splash screen when you launch SQL Navigator.
Reopen active windows Select to show all active windows from the last time SQL Navigator was used.
Show Welcome Screen Select to show the welcome screen when you launch SQL Navigator.

ER Diagrammer

Related To: ER Diagram.

Option Description
Show real index names Show real index name instead of the one generated by the system.

Task Manager

Related To: Task Manager.

Option Description
Auto delete complete&more-than-one-day tasks Remove completed tasks, and still running tasks that started more than one day ago.

Connection Category Color

Related To: Connection Category Color.

Option Description
Connection Color for Taskbar When selected the Connection Category Color for the Task Bar is displayed.
Connection Color for Forms When selected the Connection Category Color for forms is displayed.
Connection Color for Code Editor Tabs When selected the Connection Category Color for the Code Editor is displayed.


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