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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

General | Task Bar


Task Bar

Option Description
Group Similar Taskbar Buttons Display buttons with similar functionality into groups.

Group Similar Taskbar Button Threshold

Specified the maximum numbers of separate items on taskbar before grouping is performed. (if the threshold is 4 and there are 4 items on the taskbar, when another window is opened, it will be grouped).

Note: Requires selection of group functionality (above).

Order Taskbar Items by Session

Selected Task bar items of one session are grouped close together followed by items of other sessions.
Not Selected All items of the same type will be grouped together regardless of their sessions.
Reverse Order of Taskbar Items When selected, new Task bar items will be populated on the left hand side.
Rotate Taskbar Item caption when vertical Horizontal / Vertical direction of Task bar item captions.
Allow Taskbar Items to expand onto multiple lines Display Task bar items on multiple lines if the current line is full.


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