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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

General | Object Editors


Object Editors

Option Description

Auto Recompile Dependents

Selected Automatically recompile dependent objects when an object is altered.
Not Selected Force a manual recompile of dependent objects based on your preference. This is the default.

Auto Recompile Invalid Only

Selected Automatically recompiles only the dependent objects that have a status of invalid.
Not Selected Force all dependent objects to recompile automatically when using the debugger feature.

Apply changes

This option specifies the conditions necessary for the Apply Changes toolbar button to be available. Select to have the button available

  • only when you have made changes to valid objects, or
  • when you have made changes to any objects (valid or invalid), or
  • available at all times.

Save on clone

Select to automatically save a cloned object without prompting.


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