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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

File Comparison Rules


Option Description

Tab Stops

Set the width of Tab Stops displayed in the Difference Viewer.

Synchronization Settings

The Synchronization Settings control the workings of the comparison engine that reports differences and similarities between the two files. You can set the synchronization parameters low to allow more efficient searches for small differences, or higher for handling larger files or files with large differences. Unless you are experienced in manipulating comparison synchronization algorithms, you will probably find that the default settings work well enough for most situations.

Option Description
Initial Match Requirement The minimum number of lines that need to match in order for text synchronization to occur.
Skew Tolerance The number of lines the Difference Viewer will search forward or backward when searching for matches. Smaller numbers improve performance.
Suppress Recursion Suppress Recursion refers to the method used to scan for matches. Recursion improves the ability to match up larger as well as smaller sections of text, but it can take longer.

Ignore Minor Differences

Selected Ignore minor differences so you can focus only on significant differences.
Not Selected Highlight minor differences in the Difference Viewer window. Minor Differences are as defined in the Define Minor tab.


Define Minor

Option Description

Select the items you want highlighted as minor differences. Items not selected will be ignored.

Ensure General | Ignore Minor Differences is not selected.

Leading Whitespace
Trailing Whitespace
Embedded Whitespace
/* Text within Slash-Asterisk */
(* Text within Parenthesis-Asterisk *)
{ Text within Curly Braces }
Text Beginning With
Fortran Comments


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