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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Database Link Editor

Use the Database Link Editor to view, create or define database links.

About Database Links

A database link allows access to a username on a remote database through the local database. A public database link (which only a DBA can create) allows the remote database access to all users of the local database.

The characteristics and usage of this database object are described in Oracle documentation.



  • The SQL Navigator Database Link editor will try to automatically add the domain name when required by the server. However if the user cannot see the view v$parameter, then the domain name is not automatically added. The user should enter a fully qualified database link name in the New Database Link dialog.
  • Due to limitations in the Oracle Data Dictionary it is not possible for Extract DDL to correctly apply the SHARED and AUTHENTICATED clauses in a CREATE DATABASE LINK statement


Ways to Open The Database Link Editor

Icon Action Description

From the Main Menu

View Menu | Visual Object Editors | Database Link Editor

Open the Database Link Editor.

From DB Navigator or Find objects Dialog

Right click on a Database Link object and click Open.

Open the selected Database Link object in the Database Link Editor.

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