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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Configure Team Coding

Use the Configure Team Coding Options page to configure the following local settings that are unique to your local SQL Navigator installation:

To set local Team Coding options

  • From the Main Menu, click Team Coding | Configure.


Option Description


Select a version control system to use with Team Coding. Select None to use Team Coding without a VCS.

Note: If the database you are connected to is controlled by Team Coding, this selection is read-only and cannot be changed.


Configure connection settings to the selected VCS.

Configure Concurrent Version Systems (CVS)

Configure Git

Configure IBM Rational ClearCase

Configure Perforce (P4)

Configure Serena PVCS Version Manager

Configure Subversion (SVN)

Configure Microsoft Team Foundation Server

(Not required for Microsoft Visual Source Safe.)

Note: If the database you are using is controlled by Team coding, these settings are read-only and are controlled by the Team Coding Administrator.

Prompt for check-in comment

Prompt for check-out comment

Force users to enter comments when checking controlled objects in or out.

If the Force check-in comments or Force check-out comments option is set globally by the Team Coding Administrator, that option is read only on this page.

Prompt for check-in all on exit Prompt users to check in their work when they close SQL Navigator.
Prompt for changes to VCS server config Prompt to alert you of changes made to the VCS configuration.
Check-out object on opening Automatically check out a controlled object when it is opened in SQL Navigator.
Check-in object on closing Automatically check in a controlled object when it is closed in SQL Navigator.
Force new revision on check-in Force a new VCS revision when a controlled object is checked in, even if no changes are made. Not all VCS systems support this feature.
VCS Logging Description
Show VCS command output window Display Team Coding VCS commands and responses in the Output Window.
Enable VCS debug logging Save VCS commands and responses to the VCS debug log. To view this log, click Open log file.



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