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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Code Assistant

Drag and drop PL/SQL syntax, SQL functions, column names, and database object names into code.


Move a code snippet into the editor

  1. Click View Menu | Code Assistant.
  2. Click the cursor in the editor where you would like the snippet inserted.
  3. Select the code snippet in Code Assistant. Double click on the code snippet or drag it into the editor.


Locate a code snippet in the Code Assistant

Code Snippets are stored in catalogs. The catalogs are as follows.

Catalog Description
Syntax and Web Catalog Browse the ready-to-use library of PL/SQL syntax. The Knowledge Xpert gives SQL Navigator users a library of more than 900 pre-built PL/SQL routines that can eliminate hours of low-level coding and debugging while enhancing application performance and reliability.
PL/Vision Catalog Knowledge Xpert products are available as optional add-on modules. For more information, see Search Knowledge Xpert.

Code and SQL Catalog

Store your own frequently used SQL statements and code fragments here.

For example, you can store your frequently-used cursor declarations or variable declarations.

TIP: The catalog sorts the folders and items alphabetically by name. Use your own naming conventions or prefixes to group similar snippets together.


Syn- WHERE clause …

Syn- SQL - Correlated subquery



The Code Assistant Toolbar

Icon Tool Tip Description

Add new item or node

Add a code snippet or SQL statement. Open the Add to Catalog / Edit Dialog.

Edit item or node

Edit the selected item. Open the Add to Catalog / Edit Dialog.


  • To quickly rename an item: select it in the catalog then click on it.
  • You cannot rename the top level folders in the tree.

Delete item or node

Delete the selected item.

Note: You cannot delete the top level nodes of the tree.

Paste snippet into editor

Use to paste a code snippet into an editor:

  1. Click the cursor in the editor where you would like the snippet inserted.
  2. Click Paste snippet into editor.

TIP: Alternatively drag and drop the snippet into the editor.

Show information window

Show/Hide the information pane.

The information pane shows detailed information on the selected item.

Capture code

Use to add a code snippet or SQL statement from an editor window into the catalog:

  1. Select the code in the editor window.
  2. Click Capture Code.

This opens the Add to Catalog / Edit Dialog with the selected code already inserted.

Save all catalogs to disk

Save changes.


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