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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Code Analysis Rule Sets

A rule set is a collection of rules that Code Analysis uses to evaluate code. You can create your own rule set and determine which rules to include. You can also import existing rule sets from outside SQL Navigator, and export user-defined rule sets.


  1. From the Tools Menu, click Tools | Code Analysis.
  2. From the Code Analysis toolbar, click .


Create and Edit

Icon Description

Edit the selected rule set.

Note: You cannot edit SQL Navigator's standard rule sets.

Create a rule set
Use the selected rule set as your template

For each rule in the rule set, select the rule to include it, deselect the rule to exclude it.


Import and Export

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Import a rule set. Navigate to the location of the rule set and click Open.

If the rule set has user defined rules then when importing you will be asked if a rule-export file exists, and you want to import it. If so the rules are imported. If any rule numbering has to occur because of conflicts, the rule set is automatically updated to the new rule numbers.

Export a user-defined rule set.

If the rule set has user defined rules then when exporting you will be asked if you want to export those user-defined rules with the rule set. If so the rules are saved as RuleExport.XML in the same directory as the exported rule set.


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