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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Release Notes

Administer Team Coding

Use the Team Coding Administration page to install, set up, and manage the Team Coding environment. On this page a Team Coding Administrator can:

  • Install the database objects that support Team Coding
  • (Optional) Set up a version control system (VCS) to use with Team Coding
  • Set global rules for the Team Coding environment
  • Manage Team Projects that organize and control code work

Only a Team Coding Administrator can administer the Team Coding environment. The Team Coding Administrator must have the role of TC_ADMIN_ROLE or an equivalent. For more information, see Team Coding Roles.

To open Team Coding Administration

  • From the Main Menu, select Team Coding | Administer.


Icon Description

Enable or disable Team Coding on this database. This icon works as a toggle to enable or disable Team Coding in the connected database. Team Coding must be installed on the database before you can enable it. For more information, see Install Team Coding.

Important: When Team Coding is disabled, the Team Coding objects remain intact in the database. However, Team Coding users will not be able to view anything in either of the Team Coding Manager tabs.

Install or uninstall Team Coding. Team Coding is installed when the Team Coding database objects are installed in the database. For more information, see Install Team Coding.


Administer Team Projects. Additional icons on the toolbar are active only when the Team Projects Tab is active and at least one non-default project exists. See: Team Projects.


Settings tab

Set up a version-control system for use with Team Coding and set global rules for the Team Coding workflow. For more information, see Team Coding Settings.

Team Projects tab

Create and administer Team Projects. At least one Team Project must exist to define which objects are controlled through Team Coding. For more information, see Team Projects.

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