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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

SQL Modeler

The SQL Modeler provides a fast means for creating the framework of a Select, Insert, Update, or Delete statement. You can select Tables, Views or Synonyms, join columns, select columns, and create the desired type of statement.

Section Description
Model Area Used to graphically lay out a query.
SQL Modeler Toolbar Most frequently used Modeler functions.
Criteria Tab Criteria used in generating the model.
Generated Query Tab Automatically generated SQL as a result of the model.


The SQL Modeler has two splitters to change how you divide the screen.

  • There is a horizontal splitter between the Model Area and the Criteria/Generated Query/Query Results tabs. Drag it up or down and release to see more or less detail.
  • There is a vertical splitter between the Model Area and the Table Selector List. Drag it left or right to see more or less detail.
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