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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

Project Manager

The Project Manager provides instant access to your frequently used database objects and connections. Projects are holding areas where you can store shortcuts to things that you frequently need to work with instead of searching for them in various lists and directories.

Project Manager Toolbar

Icon Tool Tip Description
Select types of items to display See the Project Filter Dialog.
Sort items by specified field Sort items.
Display items in a list Show/Hide item details.
Display extra details about each item

View Tree

Show/Hide Tree View.

Navigate between projects. Navigate folders in projects.

Go Up One Level Navigate the Project Manager.
Create New Folder Organize items in the project in folders.

Manage Your Projects

Action Description

File Menu | New Project

Create a project.

File Menu | Rename Project

Rename the current project.

TIP: Change the current project in the Project Manager window.

File Menu | Delete Project

Delete the current project.

Drag and drop into the Project Manager window.

Add items to the current project:


These items can include:

  • schemas (in particular connections)
  • schema objects
  • code location bookmarks within stored programs
  • schema object templates

Actions on Items in the Project Manager

Select an object in Project Manager and ...

Action Description

Preview the source code of text objects

Source Preview

To connect to a database from the Project Manager

You can select a database object in your Project Manager and open it for viewing or editing. SQL Navigator automatically opens the required database connection and displays the object’s properties in an object editing window. Double click on the shortcut to open the connection.

Code Location shortcuts

Drag the selection from the result list in Database Source Code Search to the Project Manager.

Drop an object

  1. Select the object in the Project Manager window.
  2. Locate the object in DB Navigator.
  3. Drop the object in DB Navigator.

Keyboard Shortcuts In The Project Manager Window

TIP: Right click in the Project Manager window to see all options available.


Keyboard Shortcut Description


Add Objects in Project Manager. Open Select DB Object Dialog.


Add Files in Project Manager


Hide items of the selected type (Requires you to select an object in the Project Manager).


Go up one level (Requires you to have navigated to a sub-folder in the Project Manager window).

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