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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

Install Team Coding

A Team Coding Administrator must prepare the database and configure Team Coding before users can begin using it. This process includes:

  • Install Team Coding objects in the database. These objects maintain the settings, projects, and other metadata surrounding your Team Coding environment.
  • Configure Team Coding settings. These are the general settings for Team Coding on the database and apply globally for all SQL Navigator users of the objects that are controlled by Team Coding.

To install Team Coding

  1. Select Team Coding | Administer. SQL Navigator displays a message that the Team Coding objects are not installed. If this message does not display, then the Team Coding objects are already installed. To install or reinstall the objects, click in the toolbar of the Administration dialog.
  2. Click Yes to install the Team Coding database objects.
Setup Page


Team Coding Installation

Into Current Schema

Install the Team Coding database objects into the connected schema. If you select the connected schema, it must be publicly accessible and have DBA privileges.

Into Toad Schema

Many DBAs select the TOAD schema to keep their Toad objects organized in one place, but otherwise there is no difference between selecting the TOAD schema or another schema. If the schema does not exist, you are prompted to create it.

Administrator Role

Select or enter the administrator role for Team Coding. It is strongly recommended that you accept the default, TC_ADMIN_ROLE. See Team Coding Roles.

Tablespaces in which to create objects

Select a tablespace for the Team Coding objects. The default is the default tablespace of the installation schema that you selected.

Note: SQL Navigator assigns the Team Coding Administrator role (TC_ADMIN_ROLE) to the selected schema. If you installed the objects in the TOAD schema but were connected to a different schema, SQL Navigator assigns the role to both schemas. SQL Navigator automatically assigns the TC_ADMIN_ROLE to the user who creates the Team Coding objects. By default, all other users in the database can check in items, check out items, and mirror their schema to a Team Coding project. You can grant the Team Coding Administrator role to additional users, if necessary. See Team Coding Roles for more information.

Migrate Team Coding Settings

(Upgrades) If Team Coding was installed previously, you are prompted to migrate the previous Team Coding settings. Select this option to migrate the previous settings.

Note: A migration converts any existing Code Collections to Team Projects.


Clicking Finish runs the script that installs Team Coding.When prompted, log in to the database to execute the creation script and complete the installation of Team Coding.


  1. Click in the toolbar of the Administration dialog to enable Team Coding in the database.

    Note: This icon works as a toggle. When it is shown as depressed, Team Coding is active. At any time, a Team Coding Administrator can click this icon to disable Team Coding but leave the Team Coding database objects installed. When Team Coding is disabled, users will not be able to view anything in the VCS Browser or Team Projects Browser in the Team Coding Manager. You can enable and disable Team Coding as often as needed.


  1. Configure Team Coding.

To configure Team Coding

  1. The Team Coding Administration dialog is displayed after the script that installs Team Coding executes. If this dialog is not displayed, select Team Coding | Administer.

    You can use this dialog at any time in the future to change Team Coding settings.

  2. Configure Team Coding settings as follows:
    1. Set up a version-control system (VCS) to work with Team Coding (optional) and configure global Team Coding settings. See Team Coding Settings.
    2. Create Team Projects to determine which objects are controlled in Team Coding and to group those objects and/or files into projects according to your workflow requirements. At least one project must be created. See Setup Team Projects.


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