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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes


The History tool lists successfully executed SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE commands and PL/SQL blocks up to 1000 of the most recent ones in the current session. In the History window, each SQL statement is accompanied with the date, time and the schema that they were executed on.

You can easily recall the most recent SQL statements that have been executed in the current session.

  1. Select the statement you want to recall.

    TIP: You can press Ctrl+up arrow to move back in the sequence, and Ctrl + down arrow to move forward.

  2. Take action.

    Button Description
    New Tab Open a new Code Editor tab and paste the statement into it.
    Insert Add the recalled statement to the current contents.
    Replace Replace the current contents of the editing window with the selected SQL statement.
    Clipboard Copy the statement to the clipboard, ready to paste the statement into another location.
    Delete Drop the statement from the SQL History list.
    Double Click... Select an action (New Tab, Insert, Replace or Clipboard) that will be executed on double-clicking an entry in History.


    TIP: You can also insert the statements by dragging and dropping them into the Code Editor.

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