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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

Formatting Options

Configure how the Formatter Tool formats code. Formatter Tools are available from the Tools Menu.


Formatting Options Toolbar

Icon Tool Tip Description
Open Open a previously saved file of SQL Navigator formatting options.


Save the currently selected formatting options to the SQL Navigator installation folder, filename FmtOptions.opt.

TIP: Click File | Save as in the Formatting Options window to save the options to a different file name or location.

Reset Pane to Recommended Defaults Reset the Formatting Options to the default values


TIP: SQL Navigator loads the Formatting Options from the default file (FmtOptions.opt) and default location each time the Formatting Tool Options window is opened and when the Formatter Tool performs formatting. The default location for Formatting Options is in the SQL Navigator installation folder.


Set formatting options

Category Options in the Category

Oracle Formatter Options


Show tooltips when the mouse cursor is hovered over certain options.

Copy Options to Clipboard

Copy the options in both INI and XML format to clipboard for backup or reviewing purposes.

Show the Example Window

Show an example window when navigating different pages of the Formatter Options window. You can specify a script file to be formatted as an example, or select the Document per Pane option to use the example scripts from the Example document folder.

You can modify the example scripts in the Example window. Changes are saved automatically.


Select Enable to generate a header tagline after formatting the script. You can specify some text to be included in the header tagline. Do not use /* or */ in the text.

Note: The date time options are currently not in use.


Set physical output characteristics such as tab size, margins, and indents.


Select this option to align trailing comments to the right margin.


Modify the lowercase, uppercase, or initial capitals of various syntax elements.

Operators & Punctuations

Specify the behavior of various operators and punctuations.


Set alignments of various syntax elements.

List Arrangements

Define list attributes such as parentheses, commas and folding/stacking characteristics.

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