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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

Find objects Dialog

Find objects in any schema.


What To Search For

You can construct a search argument for any database object.

  • You can use wild-card characters %" and "_" (according to SQL LIKE operator definitions).
  • You can filter by schema, object type, date last modified and status.

TIP: To display a dynamic list of all objects in a schema

  1. In DB Navigator, select a schema node in the top level of the DB Navigator tree.
  2. Click Search | Find Objects.


Now Objects Are Found

Task Action


View a description of object structure ( index, cluster, procedure, function, or package).

Use Describe or Auto Describe Tool on the selected object.


Sort on any column (name, owner, type, creation/modification date, status) in ascending or descending order.

Click the column header.

Open the object for editing

Double click on the object.

See Visual Object Editors or the Code Editor for more information.

Locate in schema

Display the selected object in DB Navigator.

For more information, see Locate In Tree.

Batch selection and update

On selecting multiple objects you can

  • apply commands like Copy Text, Drop, Extract DDL, Compile, Get Metadata, Properties, Send to Code Analysis, Add to Project Manager, Enable, Disable, and Truncate to the entire batch of objects. For more information, see Object Menu.
  • drag the group of objects into a text editor or DB Navigator.


TIP: Other actions are available. Right-click on the object and select a command from the shortcut menu

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