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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

Filter Properties Dialog

Create or modify DB Navigator filters that restrict the display of objects in the DB Navigator tree. You can save your filters, so that they will be available from the DB Navigator toolbar.

Select filter

Field Description
Filter Name Select an existing filter name or enter a new one.


Select filter settings.

Tab Description
General Selected schemas will be visible in the DB Navigator tree when the filter is applied.
Global Filters Selected top level nodes will be visible in DB Navigator when the filter is applied.

Object Filters

Selected object types will be visible in the DB Navigator window when the filter is applied.

Application of name masks

Type the name mask in the Filter box.

Name masks are specified according to Oracle’s LIKE operator definition. For example, setting the name mask ABC% will result in displaying only those objects with names beginning with the characters "ABC".

The name mask is applied to all selected object types. Click Assign apply the name mask to all objects.

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