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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

Explain Plan Tool

Use the Explain Plan tool to analyze the execution of a single SQL statement. By examining the execution plan, you can see exactly how Oracle executes your SQL statement, and how it can be improved.

This tool lets you:

  • generate plans and save them in the table of your choice
  • organize your saved plans by various criteria, such as type (for example, online SQL statements, batch SQL statements, and so on), module, or subsystem
  • build separate plan tables for different subsystems in your project
  • browse each table separately.

TIP: The Analyze Tool can be used in conjunction with the Explain Plan tool. The Explain Plan Tool does not analyze tables itself prior to executing the Explain Plan, but it does have a toolbar button for manual launch of the Analyze Tool.

Explain Plan Window

Generate Plans

Drag a SQL Statement into the editor on this tab.

Option Description
Stmt ID If required, you can enter a Statement ID to identify the statement within the current plan table.
Save SQL text Select to save the SQL when saving the generated plan.
Comment Optionally, comment on the plan.
Plan Table Owner Enter the Plan Table Owner or use the default listed.


Enter the Plan Table Name or use the default listed.

TIP: If specifying a new plan table, use the Create Table button to create the table.

Generate Click to view the Oracle execution plan for the statement.
Browse Saved Plans Browse previously saved execution plans.

Operation Description

Explain the node selected in the Explain Plan tree. Show how each SQL operation is executed in relation in the Explain Plan.

Show / Hide in Generate Plans | Show Description.

Plan The generated execution plan. Click on nodes to expand and collapse them.


Print the Explain Plan tree

Use File | Print.

The following data is printed:

  • The SQL Statement from which the explain plan tree was derived
  • Statement ID, Type, Cost and Time stamp
  • The Explain Plan tree, including the execution sequence numbers in brackets


  • When the printout exceeds one page, the headings (such as the SQL Text and statement ID lines) are not repeated. This makes it easy for you to 'tile' multiple pages together to display the explain plan tree as a single diagram.
  • Use File | Print Preview to preview your output.
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