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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

Difference Viewer

The Difference Viewer displays the compared objects in a split window. Differences between the objects are highlighted, and the toolbars and menus give you access to controls for customizing the view and creating reports.


The Difference Viewer Toolbar

Icon Tool Tip Description
Reload and recompare files Reload the external SQL/text files. Recompare.
Open files Open an external SQL/text file.
Save Save to an external SQL/text file.
Switch sides Switch left and right sides.
Find Previous Difference Go to the previous difference.
Find Next Difference Go to the next difference.
Show All Show all lines of the compared objects.
Just Show Differences Show only lines with differences.
Just show major differences Show only lines with major differences (as defined by File Comparison Rules).
Just show matching lines Show only matching lines.
Find Find a text string.
Find again Find the next occurrence of the text string.
Go to line number Go to a specific line number.
Copy To Right Replace the selected line (right) with the selected line (left).
Copy To Left Replace the selected line (left) with the selected line (right).
Delete left text Delete the selected line (left).
Delete right text Delete the selected line (right).
Undo Undo the change made to the selected line.
Produce file differences report Generate a report of differences.
Comparison summary Compare similarities and differences in a summary.
Show whitespace Show/Hide space characters as tilde (~) characters.
Show line numbers Show/Hide line numbers.

Show thumbnail view

Show/Hide thumbnail view.

The thumbnail view (to the left of the viewing window) is a visual summary of differences. Colored lines show the relative position of line mismatches. A white rectangle represents the part of the text currently visible in the Difference Viewer window. You can click on the thumbnail view to position the viewer at that point.

Use to quickly change locations within the viewing window.

Show line details Show full details of the current line below the viewing window (so you don’t have to scroll to see the entire line)
File comparison rules Open File Comparison Rules.
Options Open Viewer Options.
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