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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes


The Oracle DESCRIBE command reports the attributes, methods and arguments of an object type. The SQL Navigator Describe command works with more objects than does the SQL*Plus version of the command. You can describe not only procedures, functions, packages, synonyms, and object types, but also tables, indexes, clusters and objects.

To open the Describe window

Object Menu

  1. Ensure the required database connection is active.
  2. Select the database object.
  3. Click Object | Describe.
DB Navigator Right click the object in DB Navigator and select Describe.
Project Manager Right click the object in Project Manager and select Describe.
Code Editor Right click the object in Code Editor and select Describe Object at Cursor.
Shortcut Ctrl+F3


TIP: To keep the existing Describe window open while opening additional Describe windows, click the Pin toolbar icon in the Describe window. Set the default pin behavior in View | Preferences | General | User Interface.

  • Can be used to provide a quick summary of a table or view and all its column names and data types.

Tips to use the Describe window

A quick way to construct a SELECT statement

To drag column names into the Select statement

  1. In the editing window, click the cursor on the table name.
  2. Open the Describe window.
  3. Drag and drop column names from the Describe window into the SELECT statement.

Describe Command or Auto Describe Tool

Use either the Describe command or the Auto Describe Tool to describe an object

Auto Describe Tool

Automatically see a description of any object you select.

A dockable Describe window opens and stays on top of the application window.

As you select various objects you will automatically see a description of the selected object in the Auto Describe window.

Object | Describe

Click the Describe command on the Object menu whenever needed. It opens a describe window for a single selected object and will not update automatically when you select another object.

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