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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

DB Explorer

Find and open objects.

Icon Tool Tip Description


Refresh the tree data.

Use if you have created new objects that are not visible in the tree yet.


Name Filter

Type in a filter phrase (for example c% to filter all objects with names starting with c).

Upper case filter

Click to toggle between Upper case filter and Mixed case filter.

The upper case filter is selected by default. Use the mixed case filter to find objects with names that are mixed case, lower case or have special characters.


Open the Filter Properties dialog. Filter Properties Dialog

DB Explorer is similar appearance to DB Navigator. DB Explorer is a light version of DB Navigator, integrated into the Code Editor for extra convenience.


  • Expand the tree nodes to display the filtered objects.
  • Drag and drop objects from DB Explorer into the Code Editor.
  • Set the behavior of dragging and dropping table names from View | Preferences | Code Editor | SQL Scripts | Drag & Drop.
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