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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

Database Source Code Search

Search stored programs, triggers and views for a character string in the source code.

TIP: You can use this utility to perform a quick "where-used" impact analysis.


Open the Database Source Code Search dialog

Select Search | Code Search.


Define the search criteria

  1. From the What tab define the search string.
  2. From the Where tab select the schema and object type.
  3. Click Search.

You can stop/suspend the search from the Session Menu or toolbar.


Now objects have been found

Take actions on found object(s)

Icon Action Description


Double click on the object.

The object opens in the corresponding editor with the cursor at the line containing the search string. For more information, see Visual Object Editors.


View Describe information on the object.

Right-click on a row in the results set to see Describe information.

Add to Project Manager

Save a shortcut to the code location.

Drag the selection from the result list to the Project Manager.

Source Preview

Open Source Preview.

Select found text objects to view their source code.

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