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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.4 - Installation Notes

Code Analysis Rules

You can use existing Code Analysis rules or clone them and customize them to confirm your code meets your code review requirements. you can import and export rules.


  1. From the Tools Menu, click Tools | Code Analysis.
  2. From the Code Analysis toolbar, click .


Create or Clone

Icon Description The Code Analysis Rule Builder

Create a rule

Rule IDs are automatically generated sequentially from 7000 to 9000.

Enter the Description and specify the Rule Tip.

  • Specify Rule Severity, Rule Objective, and Rule Category.

  • Click to display the XML that SQL Navigator generates. This is helpful for use in an external XPath parser such as SketchPath to refine the XPath expression.

  • Create the XPath Expression. To test the rule, click .

Clone the selected rule

A checked box in the User Defined column will be displayed for the rule you created.



Select the rule to edit. Edit the fields as necessary.

Field Description
Code Preview Enter code to use for testing the rule.

XPath Expression

Edit the XPath. If this field is blank, then you cannot edit the XPath for the rule.

To test the rule, click .

To restore a rule or all rules, you can select the rule and click the 'Restore Original Rule Value' button, or the double-arrow 'Restore All Original Rule Values' button.


Import and Export

Icon Description

Import a rule. Navigate to the location of the rule and click Open.


  • If a modified SQL Navigator rule is imported, the changes are applied to the rule in place.
  • If a user-defined rule has a number that already exists, the imported rule is given the next available rule number and added.

Export the selected user-defined rule.

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