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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - Release Notes

Tablespace Analysis drilldown Quiescers tab

The Quiescers tab on the Tablespaces drilldown provides information about quiescer activity that is currently in progress. It shows the type of quiesce being performed. It also shows information that can help identify who is responsible for quiescing a tablespace. This information is shown in the Agent ID, Authorization ID, OBID, Tablespace ID columns.  

Columns in the Quiescers tab

All columns available for the Quiescers tab are listed below in alphabetic order. Initially, the tab contains Spotlight's default column selection. You can choose which columns to display and organize them in any order from left to right using the Organize Columns function. This can be selected from the right-click menu for column headers.



Agent ID

The ID of the agent holding a quiesce state.

Authorization ID

The authorization ID of the user holding a quiesce state. This is the ID that was used to connect to the database.


The object ID of the object that caused a tablespace to be quiesced.


The quiescer state. This indicates the type of quiesce being performed. For example, the type might be SHARE, INTENT TO UPDATE, or EXCLUSIVE.

Tablespace ID

The tablespace ID of the object that caused a table space to be quiesced.


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