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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - Release Notes

Sub drilldown tabs in the Tablespace Analysis drilldown

You can view additional information for a certain tablespace in sub drilldown tabs on the Tablespace Analysis drilldown. You can then use this information to troubleshoot any problems detected in the Tablespaces tab.

To view sub drilldown tabs for a tablespace across all database partitions, click its aggregate row. To view sub drilldown tabs for the tablespace on a certain partition, click the row for that partition. Sub drilldown tabs are displayed in the lower half of the window.

Descriptions of sub drilldown tabs

Click links in the list below to see descriptions of sub drilldown tabs:

Details tab

I/O Activity

I/O Times






Note: The Details tab contains the Tablespace Details and Tablespace Partition Information panes. The latter shows detailed information on the tablespace as it exists on a certain database partition. When you click an aggregate row to view sub drilldown tabs, the "Data only available for partitions" message is shown in the Tablespace Partition Information pane.


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