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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - Getting Started Guide

Pending Token component

The Pending Token component keeps track of the percentage of registered database agents that are currently waiting on processing tokens within the DB2 database or partition. A processing token is the permission to execute a unit of work (transaction) against the database. A database agent, therefore, requires a token for each transaction it executes for an application. If a token is not immediately available, the agent must wait until one is available to proceed with the transaction.

A registered database agent is any agent—both working and idle—currently residing in the instance.

Required monitor switch


Displayed statistic

At each refresh, Spotlight captures the statistic for the percentage of agents waiting for tokens and displays it for the Pending Token component. This statistic is the percentage of registered database agents within the database or partition that are waiting on processing tokens. If this percentage is high, an alarm becomes current on this component.

Additional statistic

At each refresh, the total number of registered database agents currently waiting on processing tokens within the database is captured but not displayed for this component.

Associated drilldown

Click the Pending Token component to open the Databases drilldown. At the database level, the drilldown shows details about the DB2 database or partition you are currently monitoring. At the instance level, this drilldown provides details about all the active databases in the DB2 instance and helps you pinpoint problem activity.


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