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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.11 - Getting Started Guide

Dynamic SQL Details drilldown for the Dynamic SQL tab

The Dynamic SQL Details sub drilldown provides additional information for the SQL statement selected in the Dynamic SQL tab of the Top SQL drilldown. The sub drilldown contains three panes:

  • Statement pane—This pane shows the selected statement. If you want to tune the statement, you can open a tuning session in SQL Optimizer for DB2 by clicking the SQL Tuning icon.

  • Dynamic SQL Details pane—This pane shows details that provide an indication of the impact of the selected statement on the database and system resources. The details include the number of rows deleted, updated, or inserted internally due to activity caused by the statement. They also include number of statement sorts and sort overflows, sort time, and rows read and written.

  • Dynamic SQL Reads pane—This pane shows counts for the different types of reads performed during execution of the selected statement.

From this sub drilldown, you can also open a tuning session on the statement.


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