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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.11 - Getting Started Guide

Columns in the Client Applications tab

All columns available for the Client Applications tab are listed below in alphabetic order. Click the links provided to see column descriptions.  

Initially, the tab contains Spotlight's default column selection. You can choose which columns to display and organize them in any order from left to right using the Organize Columns function. This can be selected from the right-click menu for column headers.

Active Agents

Current UOW (microsec)

Log Space (bytes)

Agent ID


Node Name

Agent PID

Database Alias

Read Requests

Application ID



Application Name

Estimated Cost

Rows Selected Pct

Application Status

Execution ID

SQL Statement

Auth ID

Inactive (sec)

SQL Statements

Buffer Pool HR

Inbound Address

Status Change Time

Client PID

Last Statement Operation


Client Platform

Lock Waits

Write Requests

Coord Node

Locks Held

Freeze First Column



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