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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.11 - Getting Started Guide

Buffer Pool Analysis drilldown

The Buffer Pool Analysis drilldown displays key performance statistics for the bufferpools used by monitored databases and partitions. At its top level, the drilldown provides an overview of performance during the current monitoring session. This is shown in the Bufferpools tab.

From the Bufferpools tab, you can drill down to detailed information on I/O activity, I/O times, and more for a certain bufferpool. This is shown in sub drilldown tabs, which are displayed in the lower half of the window when a bufferpool is selected. The additional statistics can be used to diagnose any problems detected in the Bufferpools tab.

Using the Buffer Pool Analysis drilldown

The steps below outline the basic workflow involved in using the Buffer Pool Analysis drilldown.

To use the Buffer Pool Analysis drilldown

  1. View top level tabs to detect performance problems in bufferpools. Work from the Bufferpools tab to check statistics. Work from Criteria tab to filter the list in the Bufferpools tab based on criteria such as hit ratio or number of direct reads.

  2. View rows in the Bufferpools tab to focus on a certain bufferpool. When a database is being monitored, rows show information for a bufferpool across all partitions and on individual partitions. Check columns in the Bufferpools tab to see statistics for a bufferpool.

  3. View sub drilldown tabs to see additional statistics for a certain bufferpool. Click the bufferpool row to display the tabs. The information they contain can help you diagnose problems detected in the Bufferpools tab.

  4. Open a Toad for DB2 session to alter a bufferpool or view its properties. (You must have either product licensed and installed on the same computer where the Spotlight for DB2 client resides.)

View properties for or alter a bufferpool in a Toad for DB2 session

If you have Toad for DB2 installed, you can alter a bufferpool or view it properties.

Right-click the bufferpool entry in the list of bufferpools, and proceed as follows:

To alter a tablespace

  • Select Toad 4 Alter to open the Alter window, enabling you to change the bufferpool properties.

To view tablespace properties

  • Select Toad 4 Properties to open the Toad database explorer on the bufferpool.

On the resulting window for any of these functions, press F1 for instructions to proceed with the function.


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