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Spotlight on Oracle 10.9 - Getting Started Guide

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Report Wizard

Generate printable (customizable) reports through SAP Crystal Reports.

To generate a report

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Reports.

  3. Fill in the Report Wizard.

    Select the following sections to display in the report.

    Section Description
    Alarms by Percentage of Time

    Select to generate two charts showing how long each alarm spends in an alarm state.

    The first chart covers a customized time period. The second chart covers all time since the connection was created (as in Add an Oracle database to the list of connections). The second chart may be referred to as "normal" alarm activity for the connection. It can be compared against the first chart to determine "unusual occurrences" during the customized time period.


    Select to generate a chart as per the Spotlight on Oracle Activity | Waits Page | Event Waits Chart.

    The chart shows the amount of time (in milliseconds) that sessions have spent waiting on various events per second. Event wait categories from V$SYSTEM_EVENT are aggregated into categories so that they can be graphed. For more information about wait events, see Deal With Wait Events.

    Top SQL

    Select to generate the following grids on the same principle as the Spotlight on Oracle Top SQL Page. These grids are filtered and sorted as their name suggests.

    • TOP 20 SQL by CPU Time
    • Top 20 SQL by Buffer Gets
    • Top 20 SQL by Disk Reads
    • Top 20 SQL by Elapsed Time

    Select to generate the following charts as per the Spotlight on Oracle I/O | Summary Page | Wait Type.

    Chart Description
    IO - Throughput Requests Groups I/O according to the types of I/O performed.
    IO - Throughput - Transfer Rate Shows the rate at which data moves through the I/O subsystem.
    IO - Latency

    Shows the average time delay experienced while the database performs various I/O activities.

    IO - Total Service Times Shows the rate at which the database is servicing various I/O activities.

    Change Report Features.

    The wizard will prompt you to customize the report with your own title and logo.

    If Alarms by Percentage of Time was selected, you will be prompted to enter the start and end time and date for the customized report.

  4. Work with the reports you have just generated. For more information, see SAP Crystal Reports.


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