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Spotlight on Oracle 10.9 - Getting Started Guide

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Oracle Top Sessions

To improve performance, Spotlight on Oracle retrieves only changed session details in the Top Sessions drilldown. Disconnected sessions may continue to be displayed until a cleanup occurs. A cleanup occurs every five minutes by default.

Cleaning up more frequently reduces the chance that disconnected sessions will be displayed. However, it may result in reduced performance and increased system overhead, especially on systems with hundreds of users.

To change the Top Sessions reset interval

  1. Open a Spotlight on Oracle connection.
  2. Select View | Options.
  3. Click Appearance | Oracle Top Sessions.
  4. Configure the following options
Option Description
Always reset Top Sessions Performs a full refresh of the Top Sessions window each time the window is refreshed. The refresh rate is set in Spotlight Options | Data Refresh Rates.
Reset Top Sessions every xxx minutes Performs a full refresh of the Top Sessions window at the interval you enter in the selection box. You can type or select values from 1 to 999 minutes.
Display only active sessions

Select this option to improve Spotlight's performance by displaying only active sessions in the Top Sessions Page.

The active status of sessions is determined from several Top Sessions metrics (such as those related to CPU usage and log reads).


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