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Spotlight on Oracle 10.9 - Getting Started Guide

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Oracle home

An Oracle Home is a location where Oracle software is installed.

Oracle supports the installation of multiple Oracle Homes on your system. These multiple installations allow applications (including Quest Software applications) to select an Oracle Home that is best suited to their own requirements.

Tip: (Oracle 11g) Where you use Spotlight on Oracle to diagnose parsing activity, use an Oracle Home that contains a sufficiently recent version of the Oracle client.

To set the default Oracle home

  1. Open a Spotlight on Oracle connection.
  2. Click View | Options
  3. Click Data Collection | Oracle home
Option Description

Oracle Home to use by default

Select an item from the list to set the default Oracle home for Spotlight. Choose from:

  • Use Default - Select this to use Oracle's own default home.
  • List of installed Oracle Homes - Select from the list to set a different Oracle home for Spotlight.


  • If you use this section to change the Oracle Home while a Spotlight on Oracle (or Spotlight on Oracle RAC) connection is open, your change does not take effect until the next time you run Spotlight.
  • When you specify an Oracle Home for a particular Spotlight connection, the connection-based Oracle Home overrides the default value selected here.
  • The first active Spotlight connection in a session forces all subsequent connections to use its specified Oracle Home.


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