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Spotlight on Oracle 10.9 - Getting Started Guide

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Oracle DDL

In normal operation, a Spotlight connection may run an ALTER SYSTEM query on a target database. Use the Oracle DDL options to stop Spotlight from altering the target database.

To open the Spotlight on Oracle DDL option

  1. Open a Spotlight on Oracle connection.
  2. Click View | Options
  3. Click Security | Oracle DDL
  4. Select one of the following options:

    Option Description
    Generate DDL when Spotlight alters database Select to have the text of proposed ALTER SYSTEM queries written to a DDL file.
    Notify me when Spotlight logs a DDL statement Select to be notified when Spotlight writes to the DDL file.
  5. By default, DDL statements are exported to your My Documents folder. To change the location, enter where you want to save the generated DDL file. Failure to enter a valid location will raise an error message.


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