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Spotlight on Oracle 10.9 - Getting Started Guide

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Operation Page

The ASM Operation page displays information about operations running in the Automatic Storage Management instance assigned to the Oracle RAC Cluster.

To open the Operation page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle RAC connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click ASM | Operation.

Balance Operations

Balance Operations shows the progress of any current balance operations. For each operation shown in the Operations grid below, the progress of the operation is shown in estimated work units per second.

Service Time Chart

Service Time shows service times for each disk group.

Service time is the average time it takes the disk group to respond to an I/O request. Typically, service times are measured in milliseconds (ms); for ordinary disk devices service times vary from 8 to 16 ms but could by much lower if the disk incorporates advanced features (solid-state disk, non-volatile caching, and so on).

Service times longer than 10 to 20 ms probably indicate disk contention.

We expect higher than normal service times during re-balancing operations. This chart allows you to see the impact of any such operations.

Operations Grid

Operations lists the operations in progress, and estimates how long the operations are likely to take.

Column Description
Group The disk group where the operation is running.
Operation The type of operation (REBAL, COD, DSCV, ACD, RFRSH, or EXPEL).
State The state of the operation (WAIT, RUN, REAP, HALT, or ERRORS).
Power The power requested for the operation as specified by the ASM_POWER_LIMIT parameter. The higher the value of ASM_POWER_LIMIT, the faster the operation. Lower values indicate that the operation will take longer, but use fewer resources.
Actual The power allocated to the operation.
So Far rate The rate at which allocation units are being moved by the operation.
So Far The number of allocation units moved so far by the operation.
Estimated Work The estimated number of allocation units that the operation needs to move.
Estimated Rate The estimated rate at which allocation units will be moved by the operation.
Estimated Minutes The estimated amount of time (in minutes) that the operation is expected to take.

Tip: For more information on ASM see the Oracle Database Help Center.


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