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Spotlight on Oracle 10.9 - Getting Started Guide

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Explain Plan Page

The table on the Explain Plan page of the Top Sessions drilldown displays the current results for the SELECT statement running during the selected session.

To open the Explain Plan page

  1. Select the Spotlight on MySQL connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Top Sessions Page.

  3. Select a row in the Top Sessions grid.
  4. Click Explain Plan.


Column Description


The ID that identifies the specified SELECT statement.

Select Type

The type of SELECT statement executed.


The table to which the SELECT statement applies.


The join type for the SELECT statement.

Possible Keys

The keys (indexes) that MySQL can use for the SELECT statement.


The key that MySQL did use for the SELECT statement.

Key Length

The length of the key that MySQL used.


The columns or constants used with the chosen key.


The number of table rows that MySQL may examine to execute the query.


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