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Spotlight on Oracle 10.9 - Getting Started Guide

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Configure Diagnostic Server

Use this page to configure the Spotlight Diagnostic Server and test the connection.


  1. Click View | Options
  2. Click Diagnostic Server configuration | Configure Diagnostic Server
  3. Configure the Diagnostic Server.



Current Diagnostic Server Host

Once the Diagnostic Server is installed, enter the address of the Diagnostic Server in the space provided. If the Diagnostic Server is installed on this computer then its address is localhost.

Click Test Connection to test the connection to the Diagnostic Server.

Install a new Diagnostic Server

Click Install to install a Diagnostic Server.

The Diagnostic Server is a Windows service. It should be installed on a computer that is always switched on. Ensure the Diagnostic Server has access to the Internet.

The Diagnostic Server runs under Windows credentials: Domain, User and Password.

  • When installing the Spotlight Diagnostic Server, Windows administrator privileges are required to register the Spotlight Diagnostic Server as a Windows service and to create the Windows user groups that are used to authenticate Spotlight clients.
  • When installing on a remote machine, the Windows account on the Spotlight client must have Windows administrator privileges on the Spotlight Diagnostic Server host. The local computer must be able to authenticate this user. If you are installing the Spotlight Diagnostic Server on a remote machine, ensure the user credentials entered have Windows administrator privileges on the Spotlight Diagnostic Server host and can be authenticated on the Spotlight client machine. The user is added to all Spotlight Diagnostic User Groups: Spotlight Diagnostic Users, Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators, Spotlight Diagnostic Read-Only.
  • Ensure the Windows credentials you enter can access the Internet. The minimum Windows privilege level required to run the Diagnostic Server is Administrator.
  • If the user does not have privileges to start services the required privileges are granted by the installation process.
  • The Domain is required. For a standalone Windows machine enter the computer name as the domain. Right click Computer | Properties | Computer name.
Uninstall a Diagnostic Server running locally

Click Uninstall to uninstall a Diagnostic Server that is installed on this computer.

If the Diagnostic Server is installed on a different computer see Spotlight Diagnostic Server for instructions.


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